Ogun PDP Executive Still Intact.

NATIONAL Auditor of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Fatai Adeyanju, on Sunday, said that the executive of the party at the state level had not been dissolved.

Reacting to a rumour making the round that the executives had been dissolved, Adeyanju maintained that nobody could dissolve the executive, saying anyone who attempted such would be doing so against the judgment of the court, which ruled that the executive must be in place till 2016.

He said: “That is still a rumour, because we were all in our villages on Sunday and no meeting was held. It is only a rumour and in any case, nobody can dissolve Ogun executive, as it will be a contempt of the court.

“The court has ruled and the executive will be in place till 2016. The judgement is with the chairman of the party. Some people who are nothing will want to call themselves something and that is the problem.

“But, I want to say that it is a party affair and one thing that is peculiar about the PDP is that it is party of everybody and not some people. We held the congress and everyone is there, but those people, who are not favoured, will want to raise issues. People obtained forms from Abuja and some from the state secretariat, all of these were collated and we held the congress.”

“There is no issue in staying away from the congress, you don’t do that. If there is any fight, you fight it within. People did not obtain forms, they did not submit any form and they are complaining, it is not a magic.”

Similarly, the state publicity secretary of the PDP, Waliu Oladipupo, said the Federal High Court in Suit No. FHC/L/CS/347/2012 ruled on May 2, 2012, that the Adebayo Dayo-led executive emerged from a credible process and should not be sidelined or dissolved until its tenure expires in 2016.

Oladipupo said: “In fact, it is the same Dayo-led executive that fought and won the battle to reclaim the leadership of the PDP from the grip of some renegades, who wanted to use their stooges to cripple the PDP in the South-West, through the former occupants of the offices of the National Secretary, National Auditor and National Vice-Chairman, South-West.

“It is hoped that those who angling to sow the seeds of discord know their implications of their contrived plot. If they think that they can ride on the back of one powerful man at the national headquarters to trample on the rule of law, we wish to serve them notice that we are ready for them. The Ogun State PDP is a veteran of many political battles. We are not resting on our oars. For us, eternal vigilance is truly the price of freedom.”

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