What Successful Couples Do That Makes Them So Successful

You may look at people who are in successful relationships and wonder how it is that they stay as close as they are. Here are some things that they do differently that make them so stable:

1. Lean on me – They support each other no matter what. They are there for one another in times of need. When one needs a shoulder to cry on they know that their significant other will be there to help them through it. If one is making a big life decision they know that they will get the support from the other that they need in order to make the decision.

2. They fight – Couples need to fight every now and then to clear any issues that they may have and to get pent up frustrations out. If a couple doesn’t ever fight there is something wrong and things an implode quickly. Having a little spat here and there is healthy for the relationship.

3. No shaming – When one partner does something that the other doesn’t feel is done right such as cleaning the house but forgetting to vacuum, they don’t shame them about it. They don’t bring up the person’s faults or try to fix it because they feel it is wrong. They let the small things slide because in the end the little things like burning a side dish or missing a spot when mopping the floor really don’t mean much in the grand scheme of things.

4. Affection – Successful couples show each other affection in the best way that they know how. They know what kind of affection that their partner wants and they make sure that they show them often. This could be just a hug in the morning every day, a kiss before leaving for work, or flowers once a week. Every couple has a different way of saying “I love you”.

5. Apologizing – When they do fight successful couples are able to apologize for anything hurtful that they may have said or done and move on with daily life. They don’t linger on the fiths and make sure that they apologize quickly.

6. Self-care – Couples make sure that they take care of themselves. This may mean seeing a therapist or finding other ways to take care of their mental health individually. In order to take care of someone else you have to take care of yourself first so that you are capable of doing that.

7. Take a break – There are times when couples need to take a breather from each other. They may spend a weekend apart or even just a night. This is especially helpful after an argument. It gives each party a cool-down period and allows them to think and assess what was said so that they can come together to find a solution.

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8. Past – They don’t let the past get to them. A lot of people carry baggage with them when they get into a new relationship. The key is not to let the baggage get in the way of their happiness. They don’t hang on to the past and instead live in the now.

9. No comparison – Successful couples make sure that they don’t compare themselves to other couples. This never leads to anything good because every couple is different. Just because one thing works for one couple doesn’t mean it will work for another.

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