Pastor's Wife Resurrects after Certified Dead by Doctors and Burial Arrangements Underway

In what appeared like the case of Lazarus in the Bible, a wife of a General Overseer and Founder of Victory Life Bible Church (VLBC), AbeokutaOgun State Capital, has resurrected, after confirmed and certified dead by Doctors.
The 'dead' cleric wife, Rev. (Mrs) Folake Achudume was operated upon following an ailment, linked to a benign growth in the abdomen, but in the course of the surgical operation lost her life as a result of loss of blood.

Her 'death' resulted in family preparation for her obituary announcement and burial, when her resurrection miracle occurred, as narrated by her during a special thanksgiving held on an open ground in Abeokuta, penultimate Saturday.  Our correspondent who was at the venue of the event tagged, 'Restoration to Life' reports that the victim in her narration beheld thousands of people in the congregation in amazement as they listened with rapt attention.

She recalled that she had gone for surgical operation at a private hospital in Lagos, following the troubled ailment.  "I had pains and had to visit a consultant and after investigation, the last option was to pass through Doctor's knife," she said.  She told the congregation, comprising other clerics who came from far and near, that the last thing she knew was that, the family signed an undertaken for the medical procedure, adding that thereafter she found herself in another realm.

"What I experienced was like being a drama piece. I saw myself coming out of my body, and going into a white cloud. I didn't know where I was going, but I was asked to look down, only to see my husband, children been consoled, as my burial was been planned. I saw people crying."

"Later, I stretched my hand and I was taken to a glorious place, where I saw people in white garment welcoming me, telling me to come in. I joined them, but a big hand stretched out, with a voice saying the place is not for me," she narrated.

"I later found myself in another place, more glorious and beautiful, I was not allowed in again, but I was taken to a third place, where I was not allowed again.  Then a voice came telling me to look down, and told me I should return to where I was coming from, but I was struggling to join the group.  Then I heard a thunderous voice and it was at that point my eyes opened," she recalled.

"I stand to tell you that God has power over death. The consultants had confirmed that I bled to death after the operation. If you understand what I went through you will realise that life is vanity. By that experience everything in life to me has lost value. It was not a joke, I appreciate God, because God made me to understand the mystery of life," she told the congregation.

Corroborating her wife's "death" the Founder of the Church, Pastor Lawrence Achudume affirmed that after the surgical operation, the doctors certified his wife dead, explaining that she was said to have bled to death.

"When they told me my wife bled to death, I said she just went on a visit. Doctors gave up. I could not tell my in-laws, I could not tell my mother, but I insisted that she has just gone on a visit," he stated.

The joyous cleric, recalled that by the time life was restored to the 'dead' wife, the family resolved to hold a thanksgiving, stressing that, "I was so thankful to God at that point, heaven is real and hell is real."

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