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Olumo Rock is one of Nigeria’s popular tourist destinations and is situated in Abeokuta, Ogun State. The peak of the rock is 137 metres above sea level.

Olumo Rock is of significant historical and religious importance to the Egba people of the Yoruba who are the predominant inhabitants in the areas around the rock. From 1830 - 1833, during the war with the Dahomeans from present day Benin republic, the rock provided sanctuary to the Egba people as well as a vantage point to monitor the enemy’s advance. When the war ended the Egba families who took refuge under the rock during the war thanked and worshipped the rock for keeping them safe and intact through the war. They settled in the areas around the rock in what is today’s Abeokuta. Abeokuta is a Yoruba word that translates as ‘under the rock’. Abeokuta is a rocky town.


A story is told among the Egba’s about three Europeans who in prospect for precious minerals in the rock decided to blast the rock with dynamite. A crack (which is still visible today) resulted across the surface of the rock clear of the blast centre. Blood and pus gushed out of the rock into the faces of the Europeans blinding them in the process. Shocked, these Europeans climbed down the rock and inquired among the villagers around the rock what this phenomenon meant. The chief priest explained that the Europeans had offended the god of the rock and to appease the god the Europeans were sacrificed to the rock.

Today, once a year every August, sacrifices are offered at the Olumo Rock shrine. Only two people are ever allowed to enter the shrine and they are Alaake of Ake (the traditional chief of Ake) and the chief priest.

For today’s tourists there are several ways to climb to the top of the rock. These are by elevator, by artificial stairs, and by naturally laid stairs. Each of these ways provides its own climbing experience. From the top of the rock there is a spectacular view of the entire Abeokuta. The Ogun River - from which Ogun State derived its name - can be seen flowing past on its journey to the Atlantic Ocean. The governor’s office, at Oke-Mosan and the governors house can also be seen. Other notable places seeable from the top of the rock are St Paul’s Anglican Church, Nigerian Television Authority Abeokuta transmission station, and the old Baptist Boys Secondary School. Also in sight is the family house of the late Chief M.K.O. Abiola and the palatial home of former president Olusegun Obasanjo. Most remarkable for me however, were the hundreds of thousands of rooftops of the homes of the inhabitants of Abeokuta which sprawl around the rock in all directions.

Story source: Ogun Radio Website


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  2. Please how can i get the phone no of the women at the olumo rock souvenir shop. Their goods are fantastic and would like to order for more.

  3. Please do you have any contact number to call to book ahead for a family time-out at Olumo Rock?


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